We can help any restaurant anywhere in the World !

Vincent Digne is a restaurant and hospitality consulting firm with teams of experts to help grow your restaurant business.

Specializing in restaurant and hotel openings, our expertise is wide ranging and includes concept development, food and beverage strategies, menu development, operations / financial analysis, marketing and staff training.

We have passion for food & beverage and customer service that inspires every aspect of our consulting practice.

You are 100% engrossed in your day to day operations and lack time to optimize your team productivity, expand your brand and conduct a thorough financial analysis.

  • You can delegate those aspects of your business to a coach in order to grow safely.

Why use a Coach ?

According to the Ohio State University study on why restaurants fail, 60% do not make it past the first year, and 80% go under in five years.

Coaching helps build people’s skills, productivity and capacities. Coaching helps manage and mitigate challenges before they can become detrimental to your restaurant operations.